After 20 years offering French immersion stays with host families in the Gaspé Peninsula we are now promoting a French immersion program for small groups at a chalet.

If you want to explore the Gaspe Peninsula and have a desire to improve your French consider our program.

Our chalet, named the ‘Dunkillie’ by its original owner, is situated on the Cascapedia River, renown as a world famous salmon fishing river. It has three bedrooms and three small bathrooms. We will offer this rustic chalet accommodation with French courses and activities accompanied by an instructor.
You may have private accommodation or shared accommodation.

French courses
This includes 3 hours per day of made to measure French classes. We follow the 12 levels in the Québec Immigration program. You can see the program as an attached document.

You will also have activities 2 hours per day, either in the afternoon or in the evening with other teachers.

You will be responsible for your meals. You will have a large kitchen, all cooking utensils and equipment including; fridge, stove, freezer, microwave, pasta machine, bread maker, fondu stove, raclette machine, blender, juicer, espresso machine, equipment for making sushi etc. We will take you to regular grocery stores such as IGA and Maxi and a health food store if you wish. The fact that you will be making your own meals means you will be able to spend money as you wish and make meals you enjoy. When living with a host family you do not have this luxury.

The list will be available shortly.

Teachers will accompany you when you do activities but you will choose which activities and pay for them individually which gives you control on what you want to do rather than have activities chosen for you.

Private accommodation is $550 and shared accommodation is $450 per person per week. We can take a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 6 students.

October 21st to 28th, 2018 (Ministère d’Immigration level 1-4)
November 4th to 11th, 2018 (Ministère d’Immigration level 1-4)
January 13th to 20th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 5-7)
January 27th to February 3rd, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 5-7)
February 3rd to February 10th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 7-10)
February 10th to February 17th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 7-10)
March 3rd to March 10th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 1-4)
March 10th to March 17th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 1-4)
March 17th to March 24th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 5-7)
May 5th to May 12th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 5-7)
May 12th to May 19th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 7-10)
May 19th to May 26th, 2019 (Ministère d’Immigration level 7-10)