Our team

Catherine Cyr Wright

Originally from New Richmond, Catherine CW holds a bachelor in Education at the Secondary school level and a Masters in Education Technology. She has had a number of very interesting travel adventures around the world with a passion for new experiences. She adores learning about other cultures and other visions of the world.

Passionate about education in a global sense, Catherine teaches French as a second language as well as sailing, karate and swimming. On a personal level, aspects of social injustice touch her deeply and push her to work towards a fair world for all.

Catherine Landry

Catherine Landry has been a member of the Immersion BDC team since January 2018. It is with great pleasure that she comes back to teaching second languages after successfully running a business with her husband for several years.

She holds a bachelor in English studies and a certificate in teaching English as a second language. She began her career teaching in Asia and returned to her native Gaspésie and taught in primary schools in the area. She has always been an enthusiastic teacher, curious, open and creative.

Teaching French as a second language brings her back to her passions; languages, communication and sharing cultures. What a pleasure it is to share and grow through the act of learning a new language!

Monique Frappier

Monique has been with Immersion BDC since 2010. Monique holds a bachelor in Education, a certificate in teaching French and a Masters in School Administration. Before she retired from the René Levesque School Board, she used to teach, work as curriculum counsellor, and finished her career as a school principle. Further to her professional experiences in Education she has a passion for travel and music. She has always had a strong interest in learning and teaching languages and culture as well as human relations. Meeting and getting to know others is at the heart of her life.

Manjula Karunaratne

Manjula founded Immersion BDC in 1998 when she moved here with her husband and saw the potential in the Baie-des-Chaleurs for a small language school that would allow participants to explore the region, meet the people and learn the language.

Manjula has a Bachelor in biology from Guelph University, a Bachelor of Arts from Waterloo University, the CELTA certificate in teaching second language and a Masters in Curriculum Development from the University of New Brunswick. She is passionate about nature, hiking, swimming and protecting the environment. She also loves exploring, learning languages and meeting people.

Come to our communities and let us show you the secret places in the Baie-des-Chaleurs while you learn French.