Immersion Baie-des-Chaleurs

is a small, private language school for


French Immersions to students from across Canada, North America and overseas.


French courses to immigrants through the Quebec Ministry of Immigration for which we have a partnership with the Rene Levesque School Board (Commission Scolaire René Levesque).

Private companies

English courses to private companies, health care workers, etc.

What we do?

Offering courses since 1998.

We are a group of teachers that have been offering courses since 1998. We love to meet newcomers and show them the peaceful and beautiful Baie-des-Chaleurs. If you are looking for a language school that offers small group, made to measure courses, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for a chance to explore a beautiful natural environment between the ocean and the mountains you will not want to miss a chance to spend time with us.

What does it cost?

for group or private class

Courses costs

Number of hours per week6 students per group (cost per person)5 students per group (cost per person)4 students per group (cost per person)3 students per group (cost per person)2 students per group (cost per person)Private class
5$ 50$ 50$ 50$ 75$ 125$ 250
10$ 100$ 100$ 100$ 125$ 200$ 400
15$ 125$ 125$ 150$ 175$ 300$ 650
20$ 150$ 150$ 200$ 250$ 350$ 750

Accommodations costs

During the summer we can offer host family accommodation.

DurationHost family – shared kitchen without mealsHost family –
Breakfast only
Host family –
Only the evening meal
Host family –
Three meals a day
1 week (7 nights)$ 200$ 300$ 350$ 450
2 weeks (14 nights)
$ 375$ 550$ 675$ 850
3 weeks (21 night)$ 550$ 850$ 975$ 1275

From September to June we can offer chalet accommodation for groups and families.

(shared kitchen without meals)
Group of 3
Cost per person
(private room and private bathroom)
Group of 4
Cost per person
(shared room)
Group of 5
Cost per person
(shared room)
Group of 6
Cost per person
(shared room)
1 week (7 nights)$ 200$ 175$ 150$ 100
2 weeks (14 nights)
$ 350$ 325$ 300$ 200
3 weeks (21 night)$ 600$ 550$ 500$ 300

If you choose to stay in the chalet you can have your French teacher come to you everyday to offer your classes at the chalet.

How does it work?

Please choose the number of hours per week you would like to study French. The costs will be based on how many students are in each group. Our groups have a maximum of 6 students.

We encourage you to bring and friend, spouse or your family and make your experience an educational vacation in which you can explore the region.

Example of costs:

If you decide to come for one week with your daughter, stay with a host family and make your own lunches but share breakfast and supper with the family while you take private classes 10 hours (9:30-11:30) per week the cost would be:

Semi-private classes for 2 students $ 400
Host family (2 meals a day) $ 700

Cost of French immersion (for 2 students) = $ 1 100


Transportation to our location is a challenge. Only the adventurous are compelled to come and we hope you take us up on the challenge because the rewards are numerous.

Air transport: By Air Canada to the Bathurst, New Brunswick airport. We will pick you up and drive you to your host family for a fee of $ 50 each transfer.

Orleans Express bus transport: You will arrive at Carleton and we will pick you up at no additional cost.

Via rail transport: You will arrive at the Campbellton, New Brunswick train station and we will pick you up for a fee of $ 50 each transfer.

Having a car to explore the region is certainly useful.

We have local community transport – the RÉGIM.

We encourage you to bring your road bike or mountain bike to explore the region.


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